Direct Sales Team

Build your own business

Because our Direct Sales agents are self-employed, they enjoy the best of both worlds: the guaranteed opportunity to meet potential customers every hour of the day, with the flexibility that goes with running your own business. It’s a true role for the entrepreneur – and the ‘people person’.

The opportunity to earn earn £50k and more, with full training and support, is a rare opportunity indeed. So this role not always ‘easy’. But for those who have what it takes, this is a business like no other: self-employed – while enjoying the full training, ongoing support and all the brand advantages of being part of the RAC ‘family’.

There’s no limit to what you can earn. There’s no basic salary, but commission is uncapped. On target earnings for our Direct Sales agents is £44k, many achieve far more – and our very best performers do reach that £50k figure and beyond. As we say, it’s very much down to you. And you can certainly rely on us to give you all you need to succeed.

The sales role

Standing under the trademark umbrella, in a modern uniform, using the latest sales kit – and selling some of the best Breakdown and Insurance products in the world – may sound easy. The truth is that every day is different. You’ll be meeting different people in different locations, in different types of weather – so, ultimately, it’s about your personality and perseverance, as well as our products and brand profile.

You’ll need to be comfortable communicating with all types of people, in all sorts of circumstances. Some people, of course, will be too busy to talk – even to someone from the RAC. So a mature and common sense approach is also important; understanding when people don’t wish to engage, while enjoying those moments when they do.

If you have that natural understanding of people, our training and support will give you what you need to earn what you’re worth, in a role that’s brought fulfilment and rewards to men and women from many different backgrounds.


We’ve pioneered the use of iPad’s to help show customers our products – and it will also help you make your
sales quickly, professionally and within payment card industry standards.

You’ll be fully trained to use the iPad -and it also helps you to receive on-going training, alongside continuous product training and coaching to enhance your skills.

Sales tool-kit

  • Marketing flyers and posters
  • Business cards
  • Portable stand
  • Display A-Board
  • Trademark umbrella


  • Hours to suit you
  • Top performers achieving £50k+
  • Uncapped earnings
  • Incentives
  • Public liability insurance
  • Locations – We’re flexible in allowing agents to arrange their own for a higher rate of commission. Or for a reduced commission, this can be arranged on your behalf at secure high footfall locations including supermarkets, markets and service stations.


We want you to be proud member of our team and act as a true brand ambassador. So, you’ll each receive a new brand uniform kit, which consists of:

  • Polo shirt
  • Shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Foul weather jacket
  • Soft shell jacket

Structure and support

The RAC is forever innovative and moving forward. So our Direct Sales agents are trained to use the latest techniques and methodologies. That includes an iPad that helps you show your customers the benefits of your products – and enables you to ‘close’ the sale immediately. We also provide a fully-branded Stand, sales tool-kit, posters, flyers and business cards – all of which help you win customers. Beyond that, you’ll benefit from the continuous development and the monthly support of your Area Manager and the wider RAC team, of course.

Ultimately, however, it will be your people skills, approachability – and willingness to ‘be there’ every day – that will determine your success. It is very much down to you, with all the support from us.